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Dragon King's Son-In-Law

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Chapter 762 – The Unpredictable Change! pop needless
Due to their serious stress, that they had forgotten to utilize their dharma treasures to travel that they had manage over on feet.
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Xie Yujia dug out three elixir tablets quickly and jammed them into Su Han’s oral cavity. She experienced specially manufactured these three level 6 drugs for Hao Ren by merging a large number of level 5 tablets. Now, she had out these ideal elixir products to save Su Han.
The dark devil dragon paused slightly and retreated 50 percent a gauge before reaching out its claws to seize Xie Yujia who has been standing up by Hao Ren’s area.
The mystic crystal on his upper body introduced five-pigmented lighting while Hao Ren’s nature fact changed into sword energies at his management and stabbed on the black devil dragon similar to a surging stream.
Hao Ren checked back and spotted Su Han laying motionless in the system, and his awesome cardiovascular system converted cold.
A fierce fight!
But not only Hao Ren but the nine Deputy Shrine Masters of your Dragon G.o.d Shrine froze during this scenario likewise!
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“Sister Su!” Zhao Yanzi yelled all of a sudden.
The metallic-elemental dragon seniors who had been knocked back on the system on the Dragon G.o.d Shrine looked at the dark dragon from the high atmosphere with astonishment.
Because of their serious anxiousness, they had forgotten to utilize their dharma treasures to travel they had work over on feet.
Bang! The fight inside the higher skies experienced finished very quickly while Hao Ren gifted up his chase of Taiyi Cave Grasp and flew over to check on Su Han.
“Sister Su!” Zhao Yanzi yelled all of a sudden.
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At this moment, Su Han’s eyeballs were tightly shut down, and her lips checked paler. She even couldn’t maintain her natal dharma value and permit it to fall season on a lawn beside her.
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It was subsequently not a very important thing for Su Han!
Completely different from the five elemental dragon clans, the bad dragons were actually not afraid of Incredible Tribulations. They had been given birth to on the boundless void and would change into devil dragons after the hits in the Perfect Dao!
The black color dragon roared in Taiyi Cave Master’s voice before traveling by air toward Hao Ren having its dark colored devil dragon system.
Dragon blood flow was an outstanding tonic, though the bloodstream of devil dragons was toxic upon contact!
Although half a dozen steel-elemental dragon elders each had their particular procedure and strength, they had to change inside their dragon kinds at this time! Taiyi Cave Excel at assaulted them through the behind and almost broke their health.
The sword energies that he skyrocketed from the devil dragon’s entire body were actually assimilated with the latter, which brought excellent harm to Hao Ren’s intellect.
Who would have believed Taiyi Cave Excel at who obtained the greatest variety of disciples in the stainless steel-elemental dragon clan would pursue the street of devil dragon as an alternative to charging at the Incredible Dragon Realm!
The 6 seriously injured aluminum-elemental dragon elders struggled to obtain up from your land surface and realized that they had been tricked after they found the black color dragon during the bright blinding super.
The dark colored dragon roared in Taiyi Cave Master’s voice before soaring toward Hao Ren using its black color devil dragon body system.
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Whoos.h.!.+ The dark light golf shot through the Shrine Grasp with the Dragon G.o.d Shrine cut off 1 / 2 of its dragon tail!
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Along with his horrified phrase along with a vast-available jaws, he fallen to the ground.
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Different from the five elemental dragon clans, the wicked dragons were actually not afraid of Heavenly Tribulations. These folks were delivered from the boundless void and would develop into devil dragons right after the hits in the Perfect Dao!
Hao Ren got needed to dash up when he saw Taiyi Cave Expert rus.h.i.+ng up in his dark dragon type. Even so, he got believed the heavenly super bolt would destroy Taiyi Cave Expert. Other than, not one person dared to make a allergy proceed with the previous divine lightning bolt.
The previous perfect lightning bolt which has been suitable for Su Han have been blocked by Taiyi Cave Grasp!
The 15 massive dragons that could destroy hills and rivers surrounded the devil dragon, plunging their claws toward it!
If Su Han could withstand this perfect lightning bolt, she would get the advancement and arrive at the Divine Dragon World.
A dazzling black colored mild shot out of the path from the Dragon G.o.d Shrine while Yue Zilong instantly relocated to stay before Hao Ren quickly. His fists widened to how big is millstones, punching by helping cover their brutal compel.
Because of the serious stress, they had overlooked make use of their dharma treasures to travel they had function over on ft ..
As girls during the metropolis, they had never experienced a real fierce conflict. Or else for Hao Ren’s brave take action, the devil dragon might have received them.
Nonetheless, as soon as that he said those ideas, his torso was pierced through the devil fact.
Xu Ke’s entire body that was lying down on a lawn changed into a puddle of black colored fluid instantly when the black our blood splashed about it.
Stepping with a sword vigor, Hao Ren flew to Su Han’s section and served her up before Xie Yujia and Zhao Yanzi arrived at her.

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